sledgehammered my kitchen

So this is happening right now. I've hated that arched middle wall in our kitchen since we moved here a year ago, and the other day Opa handed me a sledgehammer.

More on that later.

As it turns out, disassembling an entire room in your home requires electricity to be shut off for awhile. And no electricity means no WiFi. Any internetless blogger is pretty much REQUIRED to roam the entire block scrounging for an open internet connection. I have to say that my neighbors are very strange, very paranoid people. There were absolutely NO open networks to be found, but I did discover a whole lot of hilarious WiFi names. Here are my faves.

Too funny: 10 best wifi names to totally freak out your friends and neighbors

Funniest WiFi Names We've Seen

  1. SECmonitoring
  2. IDareYouSucker
  3. FBIsurveillanceVAN
  4. Iwillstealyourfacebookpassword
  5. ThisisaVirus
  6. CoxCharges35aMonthForThis
  7. IveSeenYourButt
  8. GetYourDogOffMyLawn
  9. ICanHearYou
  10. NachoWiFi
get off my internets
“Get off my internets.”

In case you're wondering what our WiFi name is, we're on high-security internet lockdown with “ThisIsaVirus.” For the WIN!

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