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Budding businesspeople inevitably find themselves on the hunt for free WiFi. We walk around like emaciated zombies, bumping into people with our one-track minds. We hold our cell phones high like a homing beacon and send curses to the airplane execs when – horror of all horrors – we get stuck airborne in an “old school” flying machine without the modern convenience of connectivity.

free coffee shop WiFi

I feel your pain.

As my job is almost entirely reliant on internet access, I’ve done the glazed-over WiFi walk quite a few times myself. The airport scene and the joy of scoping out a publicly-displayed WiFi password are familiar experiences in my world. Here are my go-to hotspots.

Best places to scope out free WiFi

5 Top Spots for Scoping out free WiFi

  1. Coffee Shops. The quintessential hipster hangout, coffee shops almost all offer free WiFi. Bonus points for comfortable seating and plenty of fuel to get you through your day.
  2. Public Libraries. Why not take advantage of your community offerings? Your tax dollars are paying for it, afterall. I find public libraries to be very peaceful, relaxing spaces to go into hyper-focus mode and crank through some deadlines. Just be prepared for the potential hassle of signing up for a library card. Some librarians make you jump through hoops to get internet access.
  3. There’s an App for That. Hunt down and connect to the nearest WiFi hotspots with ease. Apps like the aptly named Free Wi-Fi Finder and Free Zone help you locate connectivity wherever you are.
  4. Hotels. Many hotels are making the move to offering free WiFi for their customers – which is a huge bonus for anyone who happens to be in that sweet spot of hotel “air space.” Pull up a chair at a nearby restaurant or boldly plop yourself in the lobby for a couple hours.
  5. Fast Food Joints. In a move to compete with the cafes, many fast food chain restaurants have started offering free WiFi. Head to your nearest McDonald's, Wendy's or Denny's for all you can download with a side of fries.

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