Valentine's Day is less than a month away. Consider this fair warning for all of you people whose significant others make a HUGE deal out of the holiday! Nate and I have never been ones to fight the crowds on V-Day, opting instead to cozy up together at home. Here are some of the most romantic apps that have helped us set the scene for an amorous evening.

6 most romantic phone apps to help setup date night at the push of a button.

Food, music, even a candlelight massage is available at the push of a button…thanks to modern technology.

It's hard to relax in a cluttered home, when you're surrounded by a million and one things that are hanging out on that “honey do” list. With TaskRabbit, you can get someone to take care of those odds and ends! Get the house clean, drop off packages, pick up groceries and build your IKEA furniture in a single afternoon thanks to a crew of happy, appy helpers.

No need to create an old-school mix tape. Set the tone for the evening by adding a few memorable favorites to a custom Spotify playlist, or simply picking someone else's curated jam. “Dinner Chill,” perhaps?

6 most romantic phone apps to help setup date night at the push of a button.

HP Photo Strips
Some of the most fun memories from any couple's history are bound to come from a photo booth. At weddings and parties, they are the go-to spot. Relive those moments by setting up a personal photo booth using HP Photo Booth Strips and the Pocketbooth app. Strike a pose!

A little more adventurous than a photobooth, Kindu is an app-meets-oldschool-questionnaire that can help suss out activities that are enjoyable for both you and your partner. It lets each of you fill out preferences and then presents you with ideas you'll both love, from sports game-watching to bedroom-rocking. So neither one has to risk going for a “touchdown” only to discover that the other partner won't get near the end zone.

6 most romantic phone apps to help setup date night at the push of a button.

What you see above may not look like the most romantic scene on the planet, but it is oh-so-appealing to me. This is what the kids' playroom looks like after I clear it out for a Zeel massage, an on-demand service that lets me have a Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, sports or even couples massage in my own home. The prices are pretty comparable to my local spas, and I can really relax knowing that I don't have to drive away after getting my muscles rubbed-down.

An oldie but a goodie, GrubHub will deliver food from local restaurants to your doorstep in minutes. No need to stick with just pizza and Chinese, you can order your significant other's favorite cuisine – and not have to stress over dishes when you're done.

Which romantic apps will you be making use of this Valentine's Day?