71% of Moms Don’t Wear Panties*

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Sometimes you just have to let go and be free... quote

*according to an extremely unscientific and probably inaccurate poll of my internet acquaintances.

I love being a millennial mom. As much my generation gets blamed for the “mommy wars,” the fact is that we are an outspoken group of (sorta) young people who aren't afraid to experiment and exchange ideas. Instead of Googling questions, I gather a group of pals. We talk about the weird stuff and get totally open, honest feedback. Which is how this whole “no underpants” pandemonium got going.

Below is a screencap of our recent convo. Names and faces have been blurred to protect the pantie-less.

Sometimes you just have to let go and be free... quote

For the record, I don't actually know who that is in the picture. But I think she's gorgeous, underwear or no.

Some people have strong opinions on undergarments.

Sometimes you just have to let go and be free... quote

Cottonelle currently has a campaign going with NKOTB, encouraging fans to come to their concerts without panties because…err…apparently the band gets a lot of underwear thrown at their heads. And OVERWHELMING amount of underwear. So therein lies the rub: if there's no panties being worn, there are none being thrown at the stage. I guess that's a lack of rub, in fact.

I can totally picture a couple recent college grads concocting this campaign up over cocktails. The marketer in me kind of wants to do a high kick on their behalf. But I won't, since high kicks sans underwear could get awkward. Let's all just stick to high fives for now.


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