Today I'm writing a letter to my baby as part of a sponsored post for JOHNSON’S® and Socialstars #johnsonspartners #SoMuchMore

Letter to my baby #JohnsonsPartners #SoMuchMore

Everywhere we go, people remark that you are the most well-behaved baby they've seen.

They don't have to tell me; I know.

Letter to my baby #JohnsonsPartners #SoMuchMore

Honestly, it seems that you know, too. You have a serious, almost skeptical-seeming side that's been there since the day you were born.

Letter to my baby #JohnsonsPartners #SoMuchMore

You humor us all, though, bursting into fits of giggles and smiles whenever we do something funny. You have a way with people that is unmatched, even by your charming flirt of a father.

Letter to my baby #JohnsonsPartners #SoMuchMore

Speaking of dad, he is a HUGE help with you. See, you have this natural desire to be in contact with myself or him at all times. I think it's that skeptical side of you, slightly unsure about the strangeness of the world. You like reassurance from a familiar being.

As contemplative as you are…when you commit to loving someone, you do it wholly and without reserve.

You are an example of how I want to love.

Use baby oil to remove makeup AND moisturize at once!

You and your dad cuddle on our huge California King bed as we groggily rise from being up every two hours through the night. I wash you – oftentimes in the morning, because I'm spent at the end of a long day with three boys – with JOHNSON’S® Baby Moisture Wash & Lotion with Vanilla Oatmeal. They use oatmeal and vanilla to nourish your baby-soft skin that's usually pressed up against me, burrowed into my chest at night.

When nobody's looking, I grab your JOHNSON’S® baby oil gel with shea & cocoa butter. I dab a little on a cotton ball and swipe it over my face, removing the liner that I put on to brighten the look of my eyes each morning.

This sleepless life has made me a minimalist, and I'm glad you share your products with me. It's a trick my grandma passed down – using baby oil for makeup removal – and I smile and think of her while I do it.

Letter to my baby #JohnsonsPartners #SoMuchMore

Then I swoop you up and lay back down, hoping to squeeze in a few more snuggles or maybe even a bit more shuteye. I feel so assured knowing that you – my affectionate, intense little baby! – you'll float through life on a cloud of cuddles from your family who loves you.

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