It's been a little difficult for me to find a reason to smile as much as usual lately. I'm still recovering from some big life changes and sloooowly dragging myself out of the first trimester blues. Today, though, I'm working with Dreyer's to share a small moment that brought joy into my day.

family eating outside

More and more I'm realizing that in times like this, it's important to slow down and appreciate the little moments that every season offers. Spending time outside with the family is key. We practically live outdoors in the summer, dragging games and meals and books out there.

Food and Family, A Reason to Smile

Cheesecake ice cream is always a reason to smile

Food helps. I've always found a certain joy in food. It's universal, isn't it? Anyone can find a reason to smile in a plate of fresh baked cookies or a savory home-cooked meal. It brings people together. With this baby burgeoning, I've been wanting to eat everything. Dairy and sweets have been a big hit this time around. Cream cheese, ice cream, cheesecake, s'mores. Dreyer’s has limited edition flavors in the summer like Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream Fun ‘n the Sun Banana Split. Right now, I'm eating WAY more than my fair share of Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream Summer in the City Cheesecake.

toddler licking the bowl

These treats are often shared between Nate and I over a late night movie, but once in awhile I'll share with the boys as a midday snack.

baby with spoon

I laugh as they burrow their faces in the bowl and give me curious, giddy side glances, skeptical about why I'm letting them eat ice cream in place of our usual sandwich or chicken salad lunch.

father and son eating ice cream

Nate offers his own skeptical look, wondering why we're eating with tiny condiment spoons. The big ones are dirty, I haven't done dishes in a few days. But he joins in too, knowing better than to ask. Nobody's about to question a deep bowl of ice cream melting in the sun!

smiling selfie

These little moments together give me a reason to smile, no matter what sort of day or week or month I'm having.

satisfied toddler

Between that oversized bowl, those little spoons and that drippy ice cream mustache, I make new memories. I'm reminded that it's these little moments that make up a great big life.

reason to smile

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