When I was pregnant, I was convinced that we could do this whole baby thing with minimal purchases. We've cut out a lot of unnecessary items and don't have that many toys laying around, but I've found that children do require a lot of GEAR. We live an active lifestyle and don't spend a ton of time around the house, so we've invested less in around-the-house items and more in products that make our on-the-go life with a child run a bit smoother. Nate and I have four – yes, four! – strollers. We have a small car seat compatible stroller for errands, a big jogger, a medium one with large wheels that's good for road trips and travel, and this simple around-the-town one that Mutsy sent over.

The Mutsy Easyrider is compact and simple, without a lot of extra accessories like pockets or trays. It pop open easily and folds down to a thin size to fit well in small cars or in that oddly-sized upper trunk in most vans. The seat is nice and open so squirmy kids can see the world without struggling to turn or lift themselves out of a too-deep bucket seat. I mentioned in the video that there is a bit of a learning curve to close the stroller, and I certainly wouldn't take these wheels on jagged gravel or rocks like I would with my ever-trusty (and gigantic) jogging stroller. That being said, the Mutsy Easyrider is the ideal, simple stroller for quick errands or a jaunt to visit friends.

Be sure to also take a peek at Mutsy's Facebook page and check out some of their other strollers like the Mutsy 4Rider and Mutsy 4Rider Light, the MutsyTransporter and Mutsy DuoSeat strollers. They also make other products for babies and toddlers like the Easygrow chair and Grow-Up! booster seat. All are available for purchase at

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