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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

Our regular readers have probably noticed by now that we have a bit of an obsession with easy chicken meals. We eat chicken for lunch, dinner, midnight snacks…sometimes even breakfast.

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My favorite easy chicken meal is a simple one. Add pre-grilled chicken breast strips onto a tortilla (regular or gluten-free). Dig up whatever you can find in your refrigerator: lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, any sort of sauce, veggies. Combine. Eat. Easy chicken saves the day!

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Tyson is my go-to easy chicken. I've had a number of friends come over, survey the contents of my freezer and be like, “Dude, it's like a Tyson advertisement in there. Brand loyalty much?”

The reason for my dedication to these Tyson easy chicken meals is fourfold. First, I'm lazy busy. Sometimes, grilling my own chicken really is too much effort. Second, it's SO cheap! Tyson makes easy chicken for less than I can prepare it myself from scratch. Third, it's all natural. Yay for no weird ingredients. And finally, they give back to our communities.

Easy Chicken Meals make for Easy School Donations

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As a former 3rd grade teacher and a mom with kids on their way to elementary school, I know how important it is to donate to our schools. Public funding is in shambles right now. I try to do everything I can to give back, but it's difficult with limited time and resources. Tyson's Project A+ makes it super-easy with the label program. Simply collect labels from over 40 varieties of Tyson products (stuff we actually eat every single day!) and your school can redeem them for 24 cents apiece. That's more than any other label collection program I've seen.

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Tyson makes the signup process really simple for schools. Parents, PTA organizers or any school official can register the elementary school online. Tyson provides tons of helpful #Clip4School resources, including documents to help spread the word to relatives. Every little bit helps, and that kind of cash adds up fast to new extracurricular equipment, books, teacher supplies and funding for special programs.

Does your local school use the Tyson Project A+ program to save for school necessities? Check out more details on their website, Twitter or Facebook page.