I've wanted Heelys ever since they came out in my junior high days. I imagined myself rolling around school, parks, the mall. Wherever all the cool kids hung out, there I'd be! Sadly, however, my parents never heeded my Heelys pleading and the shoes never showed up under our Christmas tree (I know, I was severely deprived of wheely shoes. I've never fully recovered). I went off to college and remember thinking how much easier it would be to trek back and forth to class with Heelys, but still somehow never went and bought them. So here I am, a 20-something mom bound and determined to one day rock the Heelys. So imagine my excitement when the company offered to send me a pair to review! Sweet. I could totally get away with being a Heelys-wearing adult. I had visions of myself strolling down the Costco warehouse aisles with Some Boy and gliding along through Babies R Us.

Well, the Heelys showed up and I looked a little less like that dude in the picture above, and a little more like THIS:


Excuse the tiny phone footage: I recruited Opa (one of the most athletic men I know) to help me out and Oma was recording on her iPhone to show Nate what he was missing out on at work. I hadn't planned on sharing it on the blog, but it was just too awesome to keep to myself. And yes, I am wearing a skirt and clutching the Heelys instructions as I go. Might have been good to brush up on those before I attempted takeoff. Nate says I'm lacking just one thing in my quest for wheely prowess: an ounce of athletic ability. But I'm practicing and getting better! One of these days I'm gonna show up to Stroller Strides and Some Boy and I will be the wheeliest duo on the block.


I was surprised at how cute the shoes are. With or without wheels, I would totally wear these around day-to-day (oh yeah, they come with a handy little tool to pop the wheels out if you want). And you know what? As awkward and flaily as I am, I have yet to fall on my face (or my ass, for that matter) so they're a lot safer than I expected. And they're way easier to find in adult sizes nowadays than they used to be. Instead of being the weirdo at Sport Chalet explaining how you never got over your childhood fantasies, you can quickly order them online at Heelys.com or Zappos. If you've been holding out on getting Heelys like I was, I say go for it! You only live once, and you don't want to end up being the 70-year old on the cruise ship trying out wheely shoes for the first time. That could get messy.

Heelys sent me a pair of their shoes to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.