Before I had kids, I entertained visions of scrapbooking my days away. Printed photos were to be laid out chronologically with hand-written reflections on our days together. But this was all before our media world got split into numerous channels through point-and-shoots, camera phones, Instagram, Facebook and more. This was before anyone gave thought to how to aggregate photos in the cloud. This was all before “the cloud” even existed.


The digital age has changed the pace at which we let tender moments fly by. We curate our lives, sharing the glossy things and the shiny moments. We weave together a pretty picture to blast to the world, omitting the most intimate, cluttered, controversial and real things. In an oversexed world, we shoot out pouty selfies but leave those classic kitchen sink baby baths unshared for fear of judgment. How did it all get so backwards?

A Solution to Aggregate Photos in the Cloud

Aggregate photos in the cloud for easier sharing

After seeing the Facebook “lookback” videos earlier this month, I realized the sheer gravity of the information we've given up. Ten years of my life, flashing before my eyes – but not quite right. I wanted to take hold of my photos and assess my history on my own terms. I don't want this picture-perfect highlights reel to be all my kids know of their young childhood. I craved a balanced view for myself, seeing the moments I don't share with the world meshed together with the ones that I do. I was struggling to find a service that could help me wrangle all of my digital photos when Trunx reached out with an intriguing explanation of a service that could help: the Trunx iPhone app aggregates Facebook, Instagram and camera roll photos in the cloud in a 100% secure environment.

Obviously, I was game. I gave their app a test run and was impressed with the simplicity of bringing it all together in one central place.

How to use Trunx

Simply download the app, connect it to your iPhone camera roll as well as Instagram and Facebook. It all updates automatically, right before your eyes (offering a much better, and far more realistic lookback than those Facebook videos!). You can also import photos from your desktop and tablet with unlimited storage, automatic date sorting and the ability to tag pics. There's also an Echopix feature, letting you save photos with ambient background noise to preserve the feeling of a moment forever. If your Trunx box gets cluttered with photos you don't want to save (such as screenshots or a ridiculous amount of toddler selfies), a couple clicks send it off to a virtual trash can. Unlimited storage is completely free for now, with future plans to offer services such as downloading your files straight to your hard drive if you want.

Boom. Life, simplified. In all of its beautiful, messy, glorious reality.

How do you plan to aggregate photos for the next generation?