AirFit pillow

We're still getting the sleep of our lives on our Sleep Number bed (and I still get a huge kick out of completely deflating Nate's side and seeing how long it takes him to notice. It's the little things that keep our marriage alive, I tell ya). To totally round out our sleeping experience in style, SleepNumber sent over their new AirFit adjustable pillow to try out. As if having our entire bodies cradled in a soft, cushiony pocket wasn't enough, now our heads get to experience a miniaturized version of the Sleep Number bed's adjustable support.

[youtube width=”400″ height=”323″][/youtube]

The AirFit pillow has an air chamber at its core so you can adjust it to whatever level you're most comfortable with. You simply lay down on it and open a valve to release air until it's as soft as you like, then close the air valve to secure that position. Open the air valve without laying on the pillow and it fills back up with air. It's like sleeping on your own perfectly customized little cloud. Our necks couldn't be happier.

The pillows are available in three different options: CoolFit Foam with gel technology inside memory foam to keep you cool, Memory Fiber with improved air circulation to prevent humidity and heat, and resilient European White Goose Down for exceptionally high loft and improved support. We tried the CoolFit version (since we tend to be hot sleepers) and loved it.

This post is sponsored by Sleep Number. All opinions are my own.