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As we approach the 4th of July, I feel a renewed sense of pride in my country. There are so many things that make this place special and unique. Families here are as diverse as the many cities and towns they hail from, and as united as the beloved pastimes we all share.

American summer

Summer for me is all about enjoying our nation's beautiful outdoor spaces. Getting out with the family.

baby in the park

Play dates spent sprawled out on big blankets are as American as apple pie. Running through parks and playing tag are a shared memory for us all. Every person here has a connection with our green grass and blue skies. Sprinkler hops and bubble-blowing are cherished as much as the secret family recipes we share over afternoon barbecues.


These days are as joyful as my boy's bright blue eyes. As beloved as Coca-Cola.


Celebrating American Summers in American Parks

To celebrate the outdoor activity of summer, Coca-Cola is searching for America's favorite park. Vote for your fave to help YOUR park win a $100,000 recreation grant to be used for improvements. Second and third place parks get $50,000 and $25,000 grants. Plus, one randomly-selected park from the top 25 will get a $15,000 wildcard grant. Visit for all the details and to vote today!