The other day, Nate shared his tips for adopting a pet. Today, we have some footage from our recent tour of the downtown San Diego Humane Society.

Adopting a pet

Cute kids. Adorable animals. It doesn't get any better than this.

On August 15th, shelters around the country had the opportunity to adopt pets out free of charge through the “Clear the Shelters” campaign thanks to our sponsors and NBC. We took the opportunity to tour the San Diego Human Society.

As the caretakers for a lot of animals, we've been big vocal supporters of adoption. Pet needs home. You want pet. Match made in heaven! Several readers have written in asking about the process of adopting, so we thought we'd video it and show how the whole thing works.

You go in and fill out a form sharing your address and living situation. The shelter people help match you up with a pet that's a fit – they have all sorts of animals hanging out in cages. In some cases, they know a bit about the animal's history and temperament. You can meet prospective adoptees one-on-one in a “visitation room” to make sure they're a fit with your whole family, and that's it! The shelter sends you on your way with a new friend plus any necessary medical information such as ongoing special care needs or past known surgeries. In our experience, most animals from shelters are already spayed or neutered or come with a certificate to have the operation done at a minimal cost.

You can watch more footage from the event TODAY on NBC! Natalie Morales is hosting a recap to showcase animals with their new families and share how social media is changing the world of pet adoption. Check out to see when it's airing in your area (here in San Diego, we're tuning in at 6:30pm). If you're inspired, you can find your own friend on the Overstock pet adoption site.