Apple pairings with an apple drink

One of the things I love most about fall is the seasonal platters that start to pop up at the events. Casual snacks made up of apple pairings and spicy roasted pepitas. Dips and spreads are comprised of deeper flavors now, with bold tastes to warm us as the weather cools.

wedding at a lodge

Weddings transition from starry, open-air affairs to festive gatherings in woody lodges. Everything feels just a little bit more intimate.

backyard fall BBQ

Friends gather in sturdy adirondack chairs. They breathe ocean air and rub their hands around a roaring fire, holding small plates and laughing through the night. Food and drinks can really set the tone for an event, and I take pride in mixing and matching to create beautiful, festive layouts.

Inspired Apple Pairings

Scoop out an apple to serve as a dish for marmalade or caramel

I like to scoop out an apple with a paring knife and fill it with marmalade or sauces for dipping. It makes a nice focal point in a platter centered around apple pairings, and it's a simple way to take things up a notch from the standard chips and dip. I serve this with crackers, either from a local artisan shop or homemade.

artisan cheese

I pair bright, fruity tastes with the deep scent of old world cheddar. Aged and flaky and loved by all.

nuts and berries

Nuts, seeds and spices are intermingled, always on the peripheral.

apple drink

And everyone's favorite part of the season makes an appearance. Cider! Specialty drinks abound and bubble-filled mason jars adorn stained wood serving spreads.

Bud Light Lime Apple-Ahhh-Rita

I saw a limited edition drink the other day that just screamed fall to me (literally, the can stated it quite loud and clear: this is THE drink to accompany apple pairings at parties this season). Bud Light Lime Apple-Ahhh-Rita's are the beverage of the day that I'm serving at our get-togethers.

Do you ever create a party spread inspired by a new product or specific flavor?