Last Friday was Arbor Day! Did your family do anything special or enjoy any community Arbor Day activities? No? Way to miss the boat on that one. Kidding, kidding. I personally think every day should be filled with Arbor Day activities, celebrating the earth and the trees that help purify the air and water and give us shade and windbreaks. But I'm just kind of a hippie that way.

Our Arbor Day Activities

arbor day activities

arbor day
We went for a walk around our little country neighborhood to show Some Boy and Sidekick all the trees near us. Eucalyptus, pepper trees, olive trees, oranges, pears, lemons, avocado trees, dates and ficus. There are a heck of a lot of trees out here!

Other Fun Ideas for Arbor Day Activities

tree fruits

Other fun Arbor Day activities include making a meal completely out of foods that come from trees, or even creating a family tree! You could use tree fruits to make block printing crafts to give to neighbors, or just get out in the dirt the old-fashioned way and plant a sapling.

celebrate trees

Do you have any other ideas for cool Arbor Day activities? Let's celebrate like it's Arbor Day EVERY day!