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Dirt-biking in San Diego #WalmartAuto

The sun, sand, beaches, mountains, hiking trails, cities and famous roads. California seems to have it all (as long as you're not into politics). Of all the states in our country, California has some of the best diversity in recreation. That goes both for the individual and the family. San Diego especially.

Just the county of San Diego alone (not even the biggest in the country) is approximately the same size as the state of Connecticut. Throughout the year, visitors can spend time at the beautiful beaches (like La Jolla and Del Mar, among others), you can climb the many peaks (Palomar, Cuyamaca and others in the Cleveland National Forest), enjoy the snows in Julian in the winter with some famous apple pie or explore the Anza Borrego desert looking for ancient oyster shells or going off-roading. Yes, sir, San Diego has it all. Most of which – while incredibly diverse – isn't too extreme.

Anza Borrego desert #WalmartAuto

But California is HOT. Sometimes really hot. The sun pummels the ground so hard that you can smell the asphalt. So if the sun is beating up the road, you can imagine what it's doing to your car or truck.

My beautiful truck #WalmartAuto

I love my truck. Not just because I'm a guy and society said I'm pre-qualified to be a truck guy. I love my truck because it's my escape vehicle, my getaway ship, my camping cabin on wheels and, well…it just looks cool and goes everywhere. I loved my old Tundra and got it up to 200,000 miles or so before the transmission gave out and our family coincidentally exploded in size. So, since I got my new truck (starting at 0.3 miles), I want to make sure I take care of it.

Leather seats can be affected by not only the sun, but the accumulating heat inside the vehicle. To make sure they last, I give them an easy wipe down with Armor All Leather Wipes that I pick up at Walmart (you can also save yourself some time and buy them directly on the Walmart website). I used these back when I had my Tundra and they worked wonders not only getting residue off, but also keeping the seats conditioned.

My truck is not a restaurant #WalmartAuto

Since Chelsea thinks my truck is a dining room, I also like to use the Armor All Disinfecting Wipes to keep my general surfaces clean. Pro tip: they're good for cleaning up banana.

Taking care of the dash #WalmartAuto

Since the most exposed interior part is the plastic/composite dashboard, I use the Armor All Pure Linen Protectant Spray. Chelsea likes the smell (I honestly don't care) and I like my dash to be sans dust and protected. My dad had a used '85 Ford pickup about ten years back and the dash became so sun baked it actually shattered and turned to dust at one point. Not even joking. Ever since then, I like to take care of my car.

How I keep the exterior of my truck clean #WalmartAuto

Finally, I work on my exterior. Not a lot of plastic out there except the mirrors and bed liner. My mirrors actually take a bit of a beating due to the brush on the side of the trails we travel on. So to keep them nice and clean, I use the Outlast Trim & Plastic Restorer. I don't use it every wash: only when I see the plastic is getting a bit faded, as the shine lasts a good long while. I actually just looked at the box and it says, “Protects for over 100 car washes.” Ha. Well that makes sense then.

Adventure with the trailer #WalmartAuto

So, off to have more California fun! Next up: the laid-back hills of Ventura county.

What's your next big adventure, and how do you prep your car?