Most of us don't have time to schedule a whole spa day, or we can't find room in the budget to justify the expense. However, we all work hard and deserve a little “me time” – even if it's just for an afternoon at home. The summer's halfway over and I know a number of women are still avoiding the beach because they haven't had time to get that pedicure or bikini wax. Next thing you know, it'll be December and you'll be scrambling just to squeeze in a haircut before the holidays! You don't have to spend a fortune to feel pampered. Just send the kids off with Dad and take a few hours to focus on yourself. Here are my tips for an easy and inexpensive at-home spa day.

Wake Up

I would suggest getting a good night of beauty sleep so you feel nice and alert, but I know that's not guaranteed. So do the next best thing: grab some Starbucks, go for a quick jog or do some yoga and take a warm shower. Then, relax for a few minutes with a refreshing eye mask. My favorite eye mask is by Eyedews. I love them because they're disposable so you can use them on-the-go without worrying about cleaning or storing them afterwards.

Set the Tone
Turn the lights down and whip out the candles. Put on your favorite music. It's so much easier to relax when you get rid of the distractions and really get the mood right.

Get Cozy

at-home spa slippers

Throw on a nice, plush robe and your favorite slippers. I have some cute Dearfoam moccasins that are awesome because they're super-comfy, but they have an indoor-outdoor sole so I can quickly head out without changing my shoes if I need to run an errand. Also, make sure your environment is a comfortable temperature: turn on a fan or stick your feet in a nice bucket of ice water if it's a hot day.

Treat your Feet
When my toenails are painted, I just feel more put-together. I can finally wear all the pretty shoes in my closet without wondering if people are staring at my unpolished nails!

Use What You Have

at-home spa treatments oatmeal

Some of my favorite beauty products actually come from my kitchen. I use sugar mixed with a little olive oil to exfoliate my legs and mix oatmeal with honey for an all-natural face mask. And believe it or not, toothpaste is a great spot treatment for eliminating any rogue pimples.

Lotion Up
This is one beauty regimen that a lot of people skip, but it's so important to help keep your skin vibrant and healthy. Take the time to apply a good moisturizer from head to toe.

If you're on a limited budget but want to treat yourself just a little more, simply prioritize your favorite beauty treatments and spring for the one you need most. If work has you stressed and your back is killing you, a professional massage could make all the difference in the world. Can't paint your own nails to save your life? Consider going to a nail salon for that one treatment. An at-home spa day is all about doing what you can on your own to maximize the budget you have. Also, keep an eye on Groupon or check out SpaWeek. You can find some incredible beauty deals online.

Dearfoam and Eyedews both provided me with products to try out. All opinions are my own.