broken leg baby

Two weeks ago, my four-month-old baby broke his leg. Some Boy was trying to pull himself up as he often does (freakishly strong little dude that he is) and plopped down slightly crooked onto his left leg. He started crying and it quickly became apparent that something wasn't right. Nine and a half hours in the ER, three X-rays and two blood draws later, the doctors determined that he had a very small non-displaced fracture on his femur. Their conclusion: he's a gigantic baby and his bones simply aren't ready to support all that weight. Four-month-olds just can't walk, no matter how much they may want to.

They sent us home with a splint to keep on Some Boy for three weeks. It's molded to the shape of his leg and kept on with an Ace bandage that we unwrap and re-wrap every time his diaper needs to be changed. He's a total trooper and hasn't let this little setback get him down at all. He rolls right over the apparatus and even tries to drag himself forward with his arms, splint and all!

One annoyance about the whole thing has been the constant questioning from other people. It's not that we don't enjoy explaining our baby's medical issues to strangers in the grocery store, but we do get tired of repeating ourselves 20 times a day. So Nate came up with a variety of interesting explanations for how the baby broke his leg:


Breakdance war

karate baby

Karate fight

Sky diving. He didn't stick the landing right.

Rogue hockey puck

Out-of-control zorb

scuba baby

Scuba diving. He got the bends…in his leg.


Rabid dogsledding

One thing I've learned about parenting? A sense of humor is an absolute necessity. You won't survive without it.