baby nicknames

I never gave a whole lot of thought to nicknames. At least, not until Nate called me “Monkey Face” during Some Boy's birth – in front of several nurses and doctors.

“Push, Monkey Face, push!”

It might have been all the drugs, but I swear I saw one of the nurses smirk. In the midst of all the pushing and grunting and general exposure of birth, I was blushing over the fact that my husband nicknamed me after a primate.

Where do nicknames come from and how is it that we get stuck with them for life? I was meandering through the grocery store the other day, babbling to Some Boy like I always do. “Who's my booger face? Who's the most boogiest boogety booger man in the whoooole world?”

I noticed another customer staring. Also smirking.

And then one of our friends was playing with Some Boy and trying to get his attention for a quick photo. He asked what we call Some Boy. “Boogs?” he said. “That's cute. Where'd it come from?”

Boogers. He got a couple colds very early on and had a LOT of boogers. His baby nickname was borne out of us making light of a frustrating situation. It stuck.

funny baby nicknames

Nate tells me that a popular term of endearment in Germany is “scheisserly”. Directly translated it means “little shit.” So I figure we can't be the only family with weird nicknames. I'm sure there's a fair number of “Captain Stinky”s and “Mister Poo-Heads” out there, and there are bound to be a few “Sassy Pants” and “Grumpykins” with a number “Sneezy”s thrown in. Nicknames come to us from all sorts of funny circumstances.

If the shoe fits, we wear it. Right?