baby organization

Babies can really throw off the whole organizational standards of any household. It sure did for us. As soon as Some Boy came along, our office/guest room turned into an office/nursery/guest room. Yikes. If you're short on space (or just short on sanity and sleep), there are a few ways to maximize space and minimize stress when you need to find your baby's gear. Here are our top tips.

baby clothes organization

Under the Bed
Remember when you were a kid and your parents would make you clean your room? You'd just shuffle everything under the bed until there wasn't any space left, right? Same idea, all grown up. Store items that you won't be needing for awhile in clearly-marked containers under a lofted bed.

baby food organization

Organize Upwards
There's only so much room to spread things out. Use space in a more clever way by installing shelving and hanging things from walls. Stack items when you can. A lazy susan helps make things like baby food and bath essentials more accessible in packed cabinets.

Use What You Have
Make use of areas like the edges of  changing tables and the tops of dressers. Instead of buying extra stuff for cute displays, use everyday items. Rubber bath ducks, baby combs, powder and lotion make for an adorable and functional setup.

baby organization

Behind the Door
Space behind doors is almost never used. Take advantage of this extra space with a hanging pocket organizer.

I use a food organizer and over-the-door storage hanger to help get my home in order. There are all sorts of functional accessories that can maximize your space!