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With Some Boy still nursing and being in the midst of what seems like a never-ending growth spurt (he's huge for a four-month-old! I regularly get people asking if he's between nine months to a year), I've used a lot of different strategies for feeding in public. I'm a pretty modest person and don't like people staring at my goods, but I also like to get out of the house and often find myself feeding the baby on the go. Nana made me a handy cover that attaches around my neck with velcro, which works like a charm. I've also used the tried-and-true baby blanket, the oversized shirt, and the occasional “oh crap I forgot a cover altogether” duck-and-hide method. BabyBond sent me one of their versatile nursing covers to check out and we love it!

babybond nursing cover
In case you're wondering…yes, he prefers the right side. Poor lefty doesn't get enough love.

What makes BabyBond nursing covers so unique is that they have a large slit opening for the baby to feed through, so they cover up the important stuff while leaving baby free to explore the world without any cloth boundaries. Babies feel very comfortable in their mother's arms and that's where they do a huge percentage of their learning, so it's nice to leave them free to look up and chatter or see what's going on around them.

babybond couture nursing cover

I have BabyBond's Couture nursing cover, which actually serves as a nursing cover and belly band. This makes it ideal for on the go nursing whether you want to feed baby from the top of your shirt or like to lift your shirt up to feed from the bottom, but don't want your stomach hanging out there for all to see. Best of all, it has instructions for how to tie it on right on the fabric tag. How handy!