first circus

Nate and I took Some Boy to his first circus yesterday!

circus animal welfare

I remember attending a local circus when I was a kid and being just mortified at the treatment of the animals. Ringleaders whipped freely as the crowd cheered and nobody seemed to notice the suffering. Nate and I both have very strong opinions about animal treatment, and I hadn't found a circus I felt comfortable taking the family to until Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey came to town. The Greatest Show on Earth runs the Center for Elephant Conservation in Florida, using rescued dogs and participating in breeding programs for endangered species such as the bengal tiger used in the show.

first circus tigers

first circus

The elephants were absolutely beautiful, and I appreciate the opportunity to show Some Boy the incredible power and intelligence of these animals. I also enjoyed the acrobatics involved in the show. I think my favorite part of performances like these is really the human element.

baby's first circus

I was a little nervous about how young Some Boy would do with all the bright lights and people for a 2-hour show, but he was actually pretty engaged the whole time. He was mesmerized by the giant disco ball that the lion stood up on, as well as the fire displays.

The Dragons show is in town until Sunday. Go snag tickets before they leave town!

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