With Some Boy's birthday coming up soon, Nate and I have been reflecting on the many firsts we've experienced over the last year. I've kept a log of all his milestones since his birth, and we plan to compile them into his “baby's first photo album” for him to look back on for years to come!

babys first aquarium trip photo album

  • First visit to the aquarium: 2 weeks
  • First smile: 5 weeks, at Nate
  • First cold: 7 weeks
  • First laugh: 7 weeks, at Nate
  • First grab: 12 weeks, reaching for his elephant doll. Shortly followed by Nate's nose (I'm seeing a trend here…)
  • First roll-over both ways: 13 weeks for Aunt Inger, who was visiting from Florida.
babys first nightmare
  • First nightmare: 13 weeks
  • First swim: 15 weeks at Nana and Papa's house in Palm Springs
  • Moved to crib full-time: 17 weeks
  • First visit to the ER: 17 weeks
  • First food: Rice cereal, 17 weeks.
  • First time on TV: 23 weeks on the local Fox channel, showcasing our family Wizard of Oz costumes. He was a Munchkin, I was the house that fell on the witch, and Nate was the man behind the curtain.
  • Sitting up: 28 weeks
babys first photo album
  • Crawling: 30 weeks
  • First concert: 30 weeks, Yo Gabba Gabba in LA with Auntie
  • First¬†babbling conversation with himself: 33 weeks
  • First time pulling himself up to a stand: 36 weeks
babys first photo album
  • First tooth: 39 weeks
  • First word: “Dada,” 43 weeks
babys first haircut photo album
  • First haircut: 46 weeks
  • Standing unsupported: ¬†50 weeks