babys first steps

Some Boy is THIS close to walking, and he's leaving quite the path of destruction in his wake. We're preparing for baby's first steps by baby proofing, gearing up with helpful products, and taking him out to stretch his little legs every chance we get. We're taking steps to prepare for baby's first steps because it's important to us that he has as few barriers to his development as possible and we want him to feel free to safely explore the world.

We've gotten rid of any wobbly furniture (the chairs for our kitchen table are now tucked away in the garage when we're not eating) and put up blockades to keep him away from sharp edges around our home. We have some heavy baskets placed conveniently next to the fireplace brick corners to keep him from bonking his head when pulls up to a stand over there and we're picking up some cabinet safety pulls so he can't keep yanking them open and getting his fingers trapped when he tries to use them to support himself.

standing baby

Some Boy now wears pants instead of shorts just about every day, because we found that he was scraping his knees up when he toppled over in shorts. It's inevitable that they topple over at some point.

baby shoes leather soles

Shoes for baby's first steps should be supportive, but not constricting. It's important that their feet are able to develop naturally and healthily. We like Pediped Originals because they're soft enough that Some Boy can walk freely without changing his natural step, but they protect his feet and have new improved slip resistant leather soles to help him keep his balance. Pediped is the fastest-growing children's footwear brand in the United States and their footwear has been awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance for healthy foot development, so we figure the experts know what they're talking about.

baby shoes

Admittedly, Some Boy was a little resistant to the shoes at first. We've never put anything except socks on his feet before and he seemed off-put by having his toes encapsulated. After trying to eat them for a few minutes, he gave up and continued his explorations. At our new place, we have a nice big yard for him to wander around and he loves being out in the sun.

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