Baby's first word

Some Boy said his very first word at only five weeks old. It was a profound, deep and meaningful word with numerous social connotations.


What? It's a real word. I even looked it up. Goo [goo] –noun Informal 1. a thick or sticky substance. Some people seem to think that babies say this word unintentionally, just babbling and making sounds. I, on the other hand, know that it was a very purposeful statement. The boy was clearly trying to tell us something. I mean, he spent nine months floating in goo! He was probably requesting to go back to the goo. Or maybe he's fed up with his milk and wants something with a little more substance. Like goo.

He was probably tired of listening to me and Nate's boring conversations, and was trying to convey the thought that our constant muttering is driving him crazy. I'm sure he wanted to say, “Hey Mom and Dad, your incessant drivel is really annoying. Can you talk about something with a little more depth than, for example, how much you admire Michael C. Hall's acting job on Dexter? This mindless goo isn't enriching my brain.” Obviously, that would take a lot of effort for a five-week-old, so he just uttered, “Goo” and hoped we'd read into it. Don't worry, baby…mom is totally on the same page with you!

What was your baby's first word, and when did he or she say it?