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beaba bib expresso

Being a mom requires a lot more coordination than I ever imagined. I knew I'd lose some sleep and spend a lot of money on kids' clothes and have to maneuver the weird world of unsolicited parenting advice. But acrobatics? I wasn't prepared for that. Have you ever tried to breast pump while swaddling a baby and participating in a conference call at the same time? If so, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Because of my restrictive lack of opposable toes (what? I know you've contemplated how handy that would be), I'm all over any gadget that makes my day a little bit easier. Things that can shave off a little time off my routine are well worth the investment. iPhone? Check. KitchenAid? Check. Self-cleaning bottle-warmer? CHECK.

Beaba Bib expresso

That's right. This thing not only helps you heat a bottle to the perfect temperature with one hand in less than a minute, it also cleans itself. And when you're done with the baby phase, you can remove the top section for a compact on-the-go jar warmer. When you're done with that phase, use it to heat up water for tea or hot chocolate. All that and it has a microwaveable bottle storage compartment that also works as a sterilizer. And – yep, there's more – it's BPA free. Any mom's checklist of must-haves in one product: ease, multi-purpose functionality and safety. Check, check, check.

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