Beaumont's Eatery

A couple weeks ago I was invited to join some other mommy bloggers (yes, I'm embracing the term) and try out local eatery Beaumont's in Bird Rock. I hadn't actually been over to the quaint little neighborhood before and was excited to check it out. Aside from nearly being run down in the town's numerous roundabouts (I despise the hairbrained engineer who woke up one day like, “I have the BEST idea! Instead of stop signs…circles. Circles everywhere!”), the afternoon was a blast. Bird Rock is adorable. It's like a quainter, beachier version of Westwood (where I lived in Los Angeles for six years). And Beaumont's is my new favorite restaurant. With appetizerss running at $6-15 and salads and sandwiches averaging about $10, it's not going to be my every single day hangout, but it'll be my new go-to place for a nice lunch with the girls.

beaumont's eatery

If I had a restaurant, this is exactly the kind of food I would serve. Clever, inventive takes on old classics. Things like “Guaca Mame” (guacamole made out of edamame), pistachio brie, fire roasted eggplant sandwiches and duck tacos. Creme brulee and coffee drinks with FOUR shots of espresso!

Beaumont's Eatery dogs

Best of all, they let customer's furry friends hang out with you on the patio. And they had no problem letting Some Boy tag along. Any place that welcomes babies AND dogs gets extra bonus points in my book.