Nate and I have officially been together seven years now! Two years married, five years together before that. Man, time flies.

The Best Anniversary Gifts I've Received

Nate's really good at picking the best anniversary gifts. They're never so much gifts as experiences. We take little mini trips or just get away for dinner and a movie. One year, we went out to Catalina Island and spent a few days snorkeling and touring the historic sites. On our first anniversary, Nate took me to an over-the-top fancy dinner in downtown San Diego, with all the finest foods pre-ordered for us, and then took me to see a theater show afterwards. He re-enacted that a couple years ago (minus the theater show, which was my favorite permanent show in San Diego but has sadly moved on to another city for good) and it was by far the best anniversary gift he could've given me. I don't need to be wined-and-dined, but it's touching to see that Nate remembers the details of some of our best dates. His gift of observation and forethought makes for the best anniversary gifts I've gotten from him.

We often go out to see a romantic comedy for special occasions, too. It's kind of our thing, which I appreciate because I watch all my girlfriends have to beg their husbands to take them to any movie that doesn't have Bruce Willis running around shooting stuff. This year we went and saw Seeking a Friend for the End of the World with Kiera Knightley and Steve Carrell. It was really amazing, although a little darker than our usual flick. Another one I'm really looking forward to with Steve Carrell is Hope Springs (also starring Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones):

Hope Springs

The Worst Anniversary Gifts?

I've had a few people ask me what the worst anniversary gift is that Nate has gotten me. Honestly…nothing. And by that I mean he literally gave me nothing a couple times (yes, just like in the movie trailer…but I swear we're SO not that couple). I'm not one to get upset about stuff like that. It's understood. Life occasionally gets in the way and we celebrate when we can, however we can. Nate often surprises me with little gifts and gestures for no reason. One day he walked in with a brand new Macbook Pro because he just thought I deserved it. To me, an anniversary is just a day and we should celebrate our relationship all the time! This year our actual anniversary day was hectic with both of us working, so we planned ahead and celebrated by escaping to a little hotel in La Jolla a few days early. We didn't do anything on our actual anniversary except tell each other, “Oh hey, happy anniversary!”

How do you feel about anniversary gifts? What are the worst and best anniversary gifts you've ever gotten?

Sony Pictures Presents “Hope Springs”, A new comedy from the director of “The Devil Wears Prada” starring Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones, and Steve Carell. Watch the trailer here:

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