As a mom of an 18-month old and another on the way, I constantly have new parents asking me for advice about the best baby products. They want to make sure they spend their money on products that will last, including the best infant carseat, strongest playpen, safest high chair, etc. With the new baby due in exactly one month (!!!), I'm elbows deep in all this stuff again and I am totally impressed with what I've learned and the strides that have been made in child products since Some Boy was born. Over the coming weeks I'll be posting reviews of my favorite new products for babies and toddlers to help make things a little easier for fellow parents.

The Best Infant Carseat

best infant carseat

I've tried several infant carseats and my absolute favorite brand in the carseat department is Graco. Their products are durable and long-lasting, and they make an impressive line of convenient accessories like swings and ultra-light strollers that their infant carseats strap into. When Some Boy was born, the best infant carseat I found was the Graco Snugride 35. At the time, it had the highest weight capacity of any rear-facing infant carseat on the market (a very important factor for us since we knew that Some Boy would be a really big kid, based on genetics alone). That carseat got us through a long time with him, and I figured we'd use it again when the second baby came along. Then, I discovered this beauty. The SnugRide ClickConnect 40. That's right, it goes up to 40 pounds! In my opinion, it's the best infant carseat on the market today.

Features of the SnugRide ClickConnect 40

graco snugride clickconnect 40   graco snugride infant carseat

The Graco SnugRide ClickConnect 40 is the best infant carseat, in my opinion, because it comfortably keeps infants rear-facing up to 2 years. The adjustable footrest means babies can actually stretch their legs out as they grow, and your backseat won't get damaged in the process. Eight recline positions means that babies can lay flatter in the carseat, whereas toddlers can sit further upright to see around them and have more space. Both of these features do cause the carseat to be rather long as it extends out further than most, so it may need to be placed in the middle seat throughout the later stages, but Graco maintained a slim profile for their new seat to leave passengers on either side of the seat plenty of room. This carseat does feel heavier to me than most infant carseats (which I found to be true of the SnugRide 35 as well), but I'm generally not one to tote the carseat around without the assistance of a stroller so that's never been an issue for me – particularly with the ultra-light stroller systems available from Graco.

infant carseat adjustment

I love the ease of the ClickConnect system, as it detaches easily from the base and clicks into compatible strollers and swings in no time. We bought multiple bases for our first carseat and kept one in each car, along with one in grandma's car for easy transition, so this is a really important feature to me. I don't have time to be fussing with carseat installation over and over again. Lastly, (and this is one feature of the best infant carseat that is solely for the convenience of parents), I am completely smitten with the strap adjustment feature. An easy slider in the back adjusts straps with a single hand. No more weaving straps in and out of complicated nooks and crannies every time your baby grows!

This post is sponsored by Graco. All opinions are my own.