not a girly girl

Largely by default, I am not a girly girl. Most days I'm found wearing chunky boots and a pullover, petting an alligator with a baby strapped to my back while my oldest child contemplates picking his nose. This is my life. But like most women I know, I like to revel in my more feminine side on occasion. I pin pretty outfits on Pinterest, I get dolled up for cocktail hour when I'm speaking at a conference, and I try to squeeze in as much skirt-wearing time as I can.

The Best Skirts for people who don't really have the Luxury of Wearing Skirts

The Best Skirts for people who don't wear skirts

Live an active lifestyle? Perhaps you're stopping to pick up babies all day or plucking up weeds, running around in the kitchen or hopping off and on the back of a truck. I get it. I do all of those things every day. And yet I still try to break out of the yoga pants routine at least once a week. Here are the best skirts for people like us, and a few tips on how I wear them.

beach skirt

The boat skirt. Headed to the lake? Throw a skirt over that swimsuit! If someone happens to see your bum while you're playing beach volleyball or sunning on-deck, it really doesn't matter. Nothing beats a casual skirt like this one from Newport News. It's the best skirt for a day on the water.

flowy skirt

The flowy skirt. These long, drapey layers of fabric are great for pairing with a simple t-shirt and mary janes. The Julia skirt from Spiegel can be worn in place of pants with just about any outfit (hint: this one runs small. Size up for a perfect fit). It's the best skirt for lounging comfortably with the family.

schoolgirl skirt

The schoolgirl skirt. This reminds me of the uniform mini skirt that Britney Spears wore in her, “Oops, I Did it Again” video. Get that same rebel look (plus a few extra inches of functionality) with the Lily skirt by Newport News. I pair it with a cardigan, some combat boots and a few layers of bracelets.

tulip skirt

The tulip skirt. What's the best skirt that lets you RUN? Slap on some stretch satin with a forgiving curve. Pair this with patterned leggings, a simple top and some bold accessories for a look that goes all day and rocks all night. I like the Naomi or Jillian skirt by Shape FX.

ruffle skirt

The ruffle skirt. Are you afraid that traditional office skirts will make you look too tame? Spice it up a bit with edgy accents. The dramatic peplum on the Sydney Skirt by Shape FX is the best skirt to go from the runway straight into an executive meeting.

A-line skirt

The a-line skirt. If you need to get fancy but feel kind of awkward about it, try the Heather or Priscilla skirt from Spiegel. They're the best skirts to protect your modesty; they both include lots of fullness so you won't feel like people are staring at your backside.

If you're ready to stop skirting the idea of skirts, check out the full line from Spiegel!

Are you a girly girl or more of a tomboy?