better breakfast

This pregnancy, I've been ALL about better breakfasts. With Some Boy, I craved waffles and ice cream for breakfast…sometimes together. Now, I wake up before the sun with wicked cravings for yogurt, granola and bananas.

baby breakfast

We're pretty big breakfast people as it is. I cannot leave the house without sitting down for a proper meal in the morning, and Some Boy is aching to eat the moment he springs out of bed. Attempting to make healthy breakfasts for a toddler had me a little stumped at first, but I've actually discovered a lot of breakfast-friendly finger foods that he loves. I break up yogurt granola bars for him, he eats blueberries and grapes and chopped up bananas and – yes – even eggs. Who says eggs can't be finger food?

coolsculpting better breakfast

If you're big on better breakfasts like we are, go enter the CoolSculpting Better Breakfast challenge! In honor of September being Better Breakfast month, CoolSculpting is hosting a food photo contest on their Facebook page asking entrants to submit a photo of a healthy breakfast they are eating or have created for a chance to win an iPad or two runner up prizes for $100 AMEX gift cards. Hurry, the deadline to enter is 8/31!

facebook contest

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