Half is More

I am so, SO thrilled to announce that Nate and I are joining Cricket Wireless over the next year as ambassadors to champion their message of savings for a better lifestyle.

A Better You

The adorable dude in that picture is my grandpa (the old one, not the baby. Geez). I owe him pretty much ALL of my financial sense. As an accountant, he taught me everything I know about minimizing expenses to maximize your lifestyle. I remember sitting with him at his big oak desk, carefully watching him study balance sheets and chart expenditures. I've carried that knowledge on to my own family life, constantly assessing our figures and analyzing where I can get better service for less money. Creating more financial leeway lets us invest more in a better life. It lets us be better together and gives us room for more fun, more adventures, more of the incredible things that the world has to offer. That's what Grandpa taught me, and that's one of the things I like to teach other parents. I'm so happy to see Cricket encouraging this mentality among our generation!

If you're on Twitter, I welcome you to join me along with @CricketNation and @CouponMamacita tomorrow at 1pm EST for a discussion about bettering your life. No RSVP necessary – just show up and be ready to chat and win some awesome prizes!