big kid
Check out Some Boy sitting up all by himself! What a big kid.

Some Boy and I have been watching lots of Elmo lately, as the furry little red dude is his favorite character. We watch all the Elmo DVDs like Elmo's Music Magic, Best of Elmo's World and Bye Bye Pacifier. I'm pretty sure Some Boy is too young to understand that Elmo is actually encouraging him to get rid of his pacifier (gasp!) and take on more “big kid” activities in Bye Bye Pacifier, but he loves the musical numbers and is mesmerized nonetheless. I've actually been really surprised by the number of awesome parenting lessons that can be found in this latest DVD.

big kid lessons

Getting Rid of Pacifier

  • Craft a box or envelope together to put all the pacifiers in to “give away” to another baby.
  • Go to the store and pick out a new toy to exchange for the pacifier.
  • Put it under your pillow and have the “binky fairy” exchange it for a dollar.
  • Offer valid reasons for getting rid of the pacifier: adults and older kids don't have them, and it will hurt their teeth.

Teaching How to Ride a Tricycle

  • Explain the difference between the front and back of the tricycle.
  • Show them how to place their hands on the handlebars and steer with the handlebars.
  • Put their feet on the pedals and show them how to push the pedals one at a time.
  • Get them going with a few helpful pushes.

Time for a First Haircut

  • Tell them how much they're missing out on by not being able to see with hair in their eyes.
  • Show them how it gets in the way of things like eating.
  • Let them know that hair does grow back.
  • Explain to them exactly what it's like to get a haircut, so they're not afraid. Better yet, let them watch you get a haircut first!

What are some other big kid lessons? I'd like to know exactly what I'm in for!

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