birdfeeder craft

Isn't this birdfeeder craft pretty? I've seen a lot of my neighbors putting decorations on their patios (ahhh country life), so I decided to add some fun to my own outdoor space with a sweet craft! I sit out here watching the toddler scoot up and down the driveway for a good hour or two everyday, but it didn't really felt like MY area until I added a few creative touches. An event I went to recently used this David Tutera Casual Elegance craft line to add burlap wraps around their votives and lace mason jar holders throughout the party space. I thought it was such a clever, inexpensive way to take things up a notch and I was SO stoked when the company approached me to try out some of their items in my own space. The line is sold exclusively at Jo-Ann stores as part of their bridal collection, but I like it for adding some rustic charm with a modern flair to any area!

Easy String Birdfeeder Craft

You'll need David Tutera Casual Elegance mini buckets (sold in packs of six) and hemp cord. That's it!

david tutera string

Find an outdoor corner area where you can string this birdfeeder craft. It can be a patio corner, tree, swing set, what have you. Simply measure how much string you need to span that space and add about two feet extra for tying the buckets on and securing it.

how to make a birdfeeder with mini buckets

Knot the buckets onto your string with loops as shown, spacing them out a few inches apart. I used all six buckets and started tying in the middle, working my way outwards as evenly as possible. I'll admit it came out rather imperfectly-lopsided, but I think that's part of this little birdfeeder craft's charm!

birdfeeder craft

Tie the string around a branch, or staple it if necessary to secure it from the corners of your space.

Buckets on a wire birdfeeder

Fill with four parts water to one part sugar and wait for the hummingbirds to flock in! I added a little sign in the corner (using one of David Tutera's party decorations) that says, “Hummigbirds welcome.” I like that this birdfeeder craft encourages hummingbirds to come feed as opposed to nesting birds, since hummingbirds are the only ones that feed mid-flight without perching. I have serious issues with other birds invading this space and trying to build their nests in my pergola rafters. They're cute but SO messy. I also like that this birdfeeder craft is less likely to attract ants than traditional, bulkier feeders.

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