blog bash christmas

The Blog Bash Christmas giveaway is here! This giveaway hop features over fifty bloggers each hosting a separate giveaway. This is a fun way to check out some new blogs and win cool stuff. All giveaways run now through December 6th. I’m giving away some of my favorite books to help with cooking and entertaining.

tea collection

I just love little kids in chic clothes. Some Boy looks so grown up in this jacket from Tea Collection. We dress Some Boy mostly in hand-me-downs from friends, consignment finds and the plethora of gifts from his doting relatives like Oma and Aunt Inger. Occasionally, however, Nate and I spy something new that is just SO cute we have to have it…even though he'll wear it for all of five minutes. This was one of those things. For that matter, just about everything over at Tea is one of those things. Check out their Children’s ClothesBoy’s Clothes and Baby Boy Clothing. These are the kind of outfits you get for family pictures or to totally one-up your cousin's perfectly-coifed tots at Christmas gatherings. NOT that it's a competition or anything…

tea collection jacket

I figure he'll only be this young for so long and before you know it, he won't let me dress him up anymore. He's already getting too big for his britches. Look at him here like, “You're so boring, Mom. I don't care about clothes. Make me a bottle!”

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