I’m headed to BlogHer today, where 3000 bloggers will meet and mingle with companies, sponsors and experts in the blogging field. A common theme at these conventions is branding. What’s your brand? Does this “fit” with your brand? Are you properly communicating your brand? Bloggers promote brands they’re familiar with, talk up their own brand, and slap their brand on everything from t-shirts to laptops and business cards.

I think my “blog brand” is conveyed pretty quickly in my little exploding-pot avatar up in the header. It reflects the idea that this blog, when it comes down to it, is all about Nate and I happily and wholeheartedly trying to figure out this whole domestic thing. And even though we mess up occasionally, we have a lot of triumphs to celebrate. Nate and I came up with the icon together way back when we first started the blog and have stuck with it ever since. So I'll hop right on the bandwagon and stick it on anything I can…


…like my iPhone case! Uncommon makes these awesome cases for the iPhone Touch, 3GS and 4, all of which can be made completely custom with any image or logo. They sent me one for free to show off my blog icon at BlogHer. How's that for branding?

Disclosure: Uncommon provided me with a free iPhone case for BlogHer. And I think it's totally awesome. So I blogged about it.