Our site has gotten more visual over the years, relying heavily on family pictures and photo shoots of crafts and food (glorious, scrumptious, delicious food!). However, it can be extremely tedious and time-consuming to photograph, transfer, edit and upload blog photos. For us, the process was a big stumbling block for a long time. We eventually figured out a streamlined process that works well both at home and on-the-go. I've had so many people ask how we upload quality photos to Instagram and how we have the time to blog photos every single day, so I figured it would be helpful to share our process with all of you!

How to sync photos between camera and phone and computer and quickly upload to the web

Upload Quality Blog Photos in a Flash

I have three tools that make it easy for us to upload blog photos: the Samsung NX series cameras (provided to us by the generosity of Samsung), our Cricket wireless phone (we're Cricket ambassadors and I couldn't do this job without their unlimited data) and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

the camera I use to take blog photos

The must-have camera for blog photos. I take all of my photos with either the Samsung NX30 or the Samsung NXMini. Both have interchangeable lenses and advanced 20-21MP sensors. Mirrorless technology allows them to be much smaller and lighter than a DSLR while taking better-quality photos. The real kicker? Samsung NX cameras can connect to your phone via NFC or computer via WiFi to automatically upload photos. So when I'm at an event and need to share good photos NOW or simply want to have the pictures waiting for me on my computer when I get home, I send them on over to Dropbox or shoot them directly to my phone where I can immediately share them to social media. Game. Changer.


The phone I use. I also have a Samsung Galaxy s4 which takes very high-quality photos in itself (the boys love it for selfies). What I really love about my phone, though, is the plan. My Cricket Wireless plan offers unlimited data so I don't need to wait for WiFi to upload. I rely completely on my phone to transfer my photos when I'm on-the-go (like when I'm Instagramming up a storm at Yellowstone).

The software. Even when I don't have WiFi available, I have Dropbox set up to sync every hour on my phone and computer so that all the photos I send to my phone are waiting for me on the cloud. No more cords and cables or wondering which pictures I've already uploaded. I have Lightroom auto-updating from my Dropbox folder, so I can select the photos I want and edit them in bulk. I then use a Lightroom plugin called Dossier de Presse to automatically rename and resize photos for the web so they aren't slowing down our site, and through that plugin I can directly upload them into my WordPress backend. If I want words or a fancy overlay for Pinterest on a particular photo, I edit in Picmonkey beforehand and upload manually.

Shoot. Share. Upload. For us, thanks to some super-fancy technology and a whole lot of data bandwidth with Cricket, blog photos are easier then ever. And surprisingly, it doesn't cost any more than the tedious way we used to do it. The price of Samsung NX cameras and lenses is significantly less than most DSLRs we've owned in the past, and our unlimited Cricket plan costs less than half of what we were paying before with one of those big-name companies. And Lightroom came free with our Samsung NX Cameras.

If you're in the New York area and are interested in swapping out an old DSLR for an NX30, check out #DitchtheDSLR day on June 4th!

Are you a blogger? Do you have any special tips for how to edit and upload blog photos?