Jock Person to Person

When my friend Margo from Nacho Mama's Blog told me that Jockey Person to Person is sponsoring her attendance at BlogHer this year, I was on that like white on rice. I begged pleaded insisted kindly asked her to get me in on this somehow. Margo introduced me to Marijane Relth, the Executive Director for Jockey Person to Person, who offered to sponsor my clothes for BlogHer! Marijane gave me some incredible styling tips and picked out a whole wardrobe that complements my in-flux post-baby body (which I truly appreciate, because I'm clueless about what to do with these newfound curves). Check out Your Best Style Now, where MJ offers helpful, simple style tips that can help you look and feel your best.

Here are a few of the Jockey Person to Person pieces I'll be wearing to this year's biggest blogging event:

Jockey P2P

What I love about Jockey Person to Person is that most of their stuff can be worn any number of ways and it's not so “trendy” or off-the-wall that it'll look ridiculous in a month or two when everyone's moved on to the next fad. The pieces are all so versatile, I can dress them up or down with eclectic additions or wear each outfit on its own and look classy anytime – even next season.

Here are some of the bags, shoes and jewelry I'll likely throw into the mix from my own closet:

style additions

What styles are you coveting lately? Any must-have pieces I'm missing out on? I feel like I've been completely out of the fashion loop for the last year or so. Pregnancy is a great excuse to sit in sweatpants all day and I may have gotten a little bit lazy in the wardrobe department. Thankfully, MJ snapped me right back into stylish shape!

If you're going to be in the San Diego area on August 13th and want some wardrobe inspiration, come check out the launch of Jockey Person to Person's new Fall line at the Handlery Hotel from 10AM-1:30PM. Details and RSVP information can be found on Your Best Style Now. If you're interested, MJ can also tell you about the opportunity to become a Comfort Specialist with Jockey Person to Person and take advantage of special discounts and the chance to actually earn money by sharing fashion with your friends. That's a job I could really get on board with!