blogher baby

In a little less than four weeks, the biggest blogging convention EVER is coming to San Diego! What Woodstock was to the music world, BlogHer is to blogging. Every blogger in the nation will either be there or be home wishing they were there. It's my very first time going to BlogHer and I'm taking baby along with me! I'm not entirely sure what to expect, but I'm doing my best to prepare so that both Some Boy and I are comfortable and I get as much as I can out of the experience. Here's what I'm packing for BlogHer with baby.

The basics, with baby-friendly modifications and accessories:

blogher notes

  • Business cards. I'm bringing at least 500 and will carry them in a pouch or outside purse pocket that I can easily reach with the baby attached to me. I know from experience how difficult it is to dig through bags while managing the little guy!
  • Notepad and pen. I'd normally use my laptop to take notes at BlogHer but with baby in tow, I need something a little lighter, more portable and less breakable.
  • Cell phone charger and extension cord. I rely on my cell phone for everything from ordering lunch to blogging and emailing but with baby at BlogHer with me, it's even more important that my phone stay charged so I can reach a friend or family member in case of emergency.
  • Snacks. Breastfeeding makes me hungry 24/7, and I don't want to miss out on any speakers because I'm hunting down food.
  • Party plan. BlogHer is known for its nighttime events, and it would be a huge bummer to miss out on that. Ideally (depending on everyone's work schedule), I'll be able to pass Some Boy off to Nate or another family member each night so I can enjoy a little adult time sans baby.
  • Ibuprofen. Carrying baby around all day does a number on my back.
  • Purse. I'm bringing either a very large purse or a nice-looking diaper bag with plenty of extra room to store all the goodies that sponsors hand out.

Baby necessities:

Pacifier clip

  • A pacifier clip, because I don't want to be picking his pacifier up off the conference floor.
  • Diapers. I'm usually a cloth-diapering gal, but I don't want to tote around bulky used diapers all day. I'm packing disposables for BlogHer.
  • Extra onesies. Have you ever been stranded with a baby covered in spit-up and realized you have no extra clothes to put him in? I have. It sucks. For that matter, I'll probably pack an extra shirt for myself each day, just in case.
  • A lightweight baby blanket. From what I hear, BlogHer can be really over-stimulating. I like to have a blanket to cover up the baby and give him a little respite from all the faces and lights. This also comes in handy for breastfeeding in public and can be laid down to change him on if I can't find a changing table.
  • A bottle. I'm a big advocate of breastfeeding and think that women should be able to feed their babies wherever, whenever. But I do like to have a bottle of pumped breastmilk handy for convenience or in case I happen to end up somewhere I don't feel comfortable breastfeeding (like, say, if there's some creeper nearby who keeps staring. It happens).
  • Baby carrier. Maneuvering a stroller through crowds is tedious. My Moby wrap keeps the baby close so strangers are less likely to touch him, and it makes breastfeeding simpler, more discreet and hands-free.
  • Mylocin. When my baby has gas, he's inconsolable. I'm bringing these soothing drops to help him feel better and hopefully avoid needing to leave a good session due to his tummy troubles. While I'm on the subject, just a note to fellow BlogHer baby-wearers: do your best not to let baby be a distraction. It's polite to step out of the room if he or she gets fussy.

Since I live in town (it'll be quite the arduous journey a whole 15 minutes on the freeway to the convention center), I'm fortunate not to have to pack overnight toiletries and such. People travel across the whole country with babies for this convention, so I have it easy. Some even bring their entire families for support and make a vacation of it!