blue bird cake pop

After my Santa Hat cake pops went over so well during the holidays, I wanted to make penguin bird pops for New Years. However, the craft store didn't have black candy melts for penguin wings. So they turned into blue birds instead!

Blue Bird Cake Pops
12-15 or so completed cake balls (see cake pop how to)
Blue candy melts (available at Michael’s)
White candy melts (available at Michael’s)
Yellow and/or orange disc-shaped candy confetti pieces
Frosting pen
Popsicle sticks

blue bird cake ball

Start by dipping half of each cake ball in white candy melts. This will form the stomach of the bird.

penguin cake pops

Dip the cake pop in the blue candy melts so that it diagonally overlaps the white candy. Repeat on the other side of the cake pop so that the entire cake pop is covered in candy melt, with the white stomach of the bird peaking out from beneath the blue wings. Remove the popsicle stick when you no longer need it to help dip the cake balls.

bird cake pop beak

Cut a candy confetti piece in half and dip the cut end in blue frosting, then attach to the cake pop as a beak.

cake pop frosting pen

Add eyes with the frosting pen. 

bluebird cake pop feet

Dip the ends of two confetti candy pieces in white candy melts and attach to the bottom for feet.

Voila! Lesson learned: sometimes it pays to roll with the punches as opposed to getting upset that the craft store doesn't have the supplies I need. In the grand scheme of things, blue bird cake pops taste every bit as good as penguin cake pops.