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I've always thought my brown eyes were rather boring, and I've tended to stick with deep brown eyeshadows. Colors scare me. Back when I modeled briefly in high school, I had a makeup artist tell me that blue eyeshadow for brown eyes is the way to go, since it “contrasts” and “frames” well, drawing attention to darker eyes. I thought she was off her rocker, and happily stuck to my neutrals for years. After our GRAMMYs red carpet experience, though, I was finally inspired to branch out a little and try my hand at a little extra glam.

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Not having any of the required colors in my makeup arsenal, I headed out to Walmart and picked up a bunch of Rimmel products for $3.97 a piece. I like that Rimmel colors are really pigmented, so a little goes a long way and I'm not having to constantly touch it up. And a whole look for less than $20? Sa-weet. I may even start getting more inventive on a regular basis! I could go for some purples or greens or try one of those peacock makeup tutorials I've seen floating around Pinterest. Watch out now, I could go all KINDS of makeup crazy on ya. But for now, step one: blue eyeshadow for brown eyes.

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Blue Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes: How to Pull It Off

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Start with a clean face. Duh.

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Rimmel's Glam Eyes Quad Eyeshadows come with these nice little diagrams on the back to show you which color goes where. If you try to use eyeshadow that doesn't have this, just sweep the base color over your entire lid, use a shimmery or neutral color up by your brown bone, a dark color in the inner and outer creases of your eyes and a contrasting accent color at the outer edges of your lashes. You want to apply a lot to really get the look. You can always take it off later, but it's hard to put more on when you get further into the process (this is why I don't apply my foundation until after my makeup: it gives me a chance to sweep away any excess under my eyes with makeup remover if I need to).

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Blend. You don't want to look like a paint-by-numbers board, do you?

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The real key to blue eyeshadow for brown eyes is the rest of your makeup. If you try to pair blue eyeshadow with bright blush and hot pink lips, you're either going to resemble a clown or look like you just walked out of the 80's. Backcomb your hair and you may as well be Pat Benatar. So I skipped blush altogether and just went with a nice, light Clean Finish Foundation. I wanted to try the matte version (which is a new Walmart exclusive), but I'm glad I went with the regular kind now that I see how dry my skin is! Yeesh. It's been a colder than normal winter here and it is seriously doing a number on my skin.

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Eyeliner is key. It is THE key. I'm crazy about eyeliner. If I don't have time to put anything else on (which seems to happen a lot around here), I will still wear eyeliner. Finding a good blue eyeliner can be tough…they're often too bright and you wind up looking like a desparate mermaid. I love Rimmel's Deep Blue ScandalEyes color. It's the perfect shade and it doesn't budge, which is really important when you're dealing with bright colors. Runny makeup = watercolor face. Nobody wants that.

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Brush a translucent powder over your whole face to help set the makeup. I used Rimmel's Stay Matte Pressed Powder. This in combination with the Clean Finish Foundation makes for nice, smooth skin.

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A quick sweep of mascara and long-lasting lipgloss, and you're good to go! I used Rimmel's StayGlossy Lipgloss in “Unlimited Gold.” Remember what I said about not wanting other colors to be too flashy when you're using bright eye makeup? This is the perfect color for neutral lips.

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Little known fact: that scar above my right eye is from a dog bite when I was five years old. That dang animal just hopped up and attacked my face! I vividly remember waking up to see a huge crowd of people hovering above me just like they do in the movies when people pass out.

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To get more makeup tips, check out Rimmel's Twitter and Facebook pages.

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