bold bathroom paint

The bathroom in our apartment really leaves something to be desired. Like color, for one thing. It's a whole room full of off-white and cream with a greenish fake marble counter thrown in for good measure. I guess this was the style in the 60s but  lot has changed in the last 50 years. Time for an update!

bold bathroom paint

Since this is a rental, anything we paint will need to be painted that “blah” color again before we leave. For that reason, we've decided to just do a small portion of the bathroom with a nice, bold color that will make a big difference while we're here, but not be too hard to revert back to its previously boring state.

We got some Glidden paint testers at Walmart to see if they'll be a match for our project. I love that Glidden has convenient little testers with paint brushes right in the bottle so you can try the color out before you commit. That's an especially good idea with our unique color choices: a bright orange, mellow cream and vibrant yellow.

bold bathroom paint orange

Here they are on the wall above the shower. Wow, that orange is extremely bright now that we see it on the wall! But we actually really like it. So guess which color we're going with? That's right…all three of them! Check back next week to see how we manage to use three colors in one small space. And if you're looking to make an update in your home, you can save $2.00 off a Glidden paint tester by clicking through the coupon below.

This project has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Glidden Testers/Paint #collectivebias. All opinions are my own.