When we tell people that we live in rural San Diego, we often get blank stares. Everyone pictures surf and turf, not sheep and dirt.

The importance of bringing nature home, and having the family learn from their own surroundings as opposed to always going elsewhere to find new things

San Diego is a big area, with several diverse regions. Our home is actually in North County, inland quite a bit, in an area with lots of space for farm animals and exploring. We have goats and sheep, chickens and dogs and an endless list of chores to be done! As much as we travel and explore nature every chance we get, we also do the same right in our own backyard because it's one of the ways we live out best life.

A boy and his goat

Through a four-part series with Abbott, we’re sharing stories about how we live fully. People have their own unique ideas about what living a full life looks and feels like, but we all want to live the best life we can. Abbott is on a mission to find out what that means to people across the globe. Here’s how we live our best lives every single day on our small farm.

We connect with the earth here and encourage our boys to play around, get dirty and explore. That's a big part of our lifestyle: taking quiet time away from the noisy distractions of the world to center and really appreciate our family. So many people are focused on external explorations – which are awesome – but focusing on the space you've created for yourself is an important part of living fully, too.

Nature is not a place... quote

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How do you live fully at home?