I feel like we've been sharing a lot of the nitty, gritty, disastrously-messy moments of our life lately.

This post isn't going to be any different.

Except this time around I'll offer up a small glimmer of hope for how you can get on top of all the messOr at least look the other way until it subsides.

Broad strokes of white - mama breastfeeding baby

Allow me to introduce you to my friend, the white comforter.

Broad strokes of white - toddler passed out on the couch

It was never an intentional thing, but we somehow wound up with white comforters in every single room of our home. They get thrown on the dog hair-covered floor for crawling, tucked up into bunkbed rafters for makeshift forts, and tossed over the couch at nap time.

Broad strokes of white - family eating on the couch

They serve as foot muffs, lap protectors, crumb-catchers, nursing covers and sometimes – when I'm seriously in a pinch – oven mitts.

In this flurry of daily activity, our white comforters get really, really, disgustingly dirty.

So I like to eat chocolate on my couch. And sometimes it melts a little bit. All over everything. Sue me.

Broad strokes of white - Persil detergent

We're working with Persil ProClean and they asked us to give one of their products a whirl on our whites. They have several products that are suited to the task: Power-Liquid, Power-Pearls and Power-Caps with pro-lift stain removers. I'm pretty ingrained in my laundry routine, but I had to admit that I didn't have a reliable whites routine down yet. I've been using some green product that one of my hippy friends recommended and I LOVE it for the baby clothes, but not so much for things that need to be brightened.

I opted to try the Persil Power-Pearls on one of my comforters because it had a big shiny label that reminded me of a superhero emblem, so I figured it must be strong. I'm a sucker for subliminal marketing. Plus, it had little beads that I assumed would get all up in there and fight away those gnarly stains. Seems pretty high-tech to me, but I may just be out of the laundry loop.

Okay, I'm out of the laundry loop.

Fine, I pay practically zero attention to my laundry. I hate washing stuff.

Point being, I didn't have to work at it and those comforters came out dazzling white! We're talkin like, Blake Lively's teeth kinda white. I'm blind! Now I can prepare to bust out ALL my spring clothes for upcoming social events since it's finally seasonally appropriate to wear white again.

Okay, I don't have white clothing because it inevitably winds up covered in baby spit-up.

Fiiiiine, I don't get invited to parties either.

I'm still STOKED!

Whatever your past has been... quote

Which brings me to my point. If you start feeling like your entire life is just a huge disaster and there's a big mess everywhere and you'll never get on top of it all…you, too, can toss a white comforter over it. Pretend it all doesn't exist, and take a nap. It'll wash out clean in an hour or two.

Broad strokes of white - white comforter

Tomorrow's looking a whole lot brighter already.

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