I shared the other day that I'm currently away from the family for four nights on a business trip at a a conference in Ventura. I know that a lot of my friends and family have very specific visions of what this blogging business is all about (ie eating bon bons on the couch all day), so I inevitably get the question, “Bloggers go on business trips?? Why? What on earth does a blogger business trip entail?”

As with most of my life, the business and the personal side of things are very closely related on business trips. I go to these conferences to network with associates, learn more about my trade, and simply decompress my hectic brain to renew my  focus and vision for the blog. It can be hard for me to stay on track while juggling the kids, and it's a BIG deal for me to leave Nate alone with them for this long, so I take full advantage of my time away.

A Blogger Business Trip


In case Nate happens to be reading this…let me just say, I would never rearrange important business meetings in order to sleep in. I absolutely do not hit the snooze button on the iHome six or seven times until I've soaked in a sufficient amount of soft hotel room bedding.

business trip playtime

I definitely don't jump up and down on the bed, rocking out to my jams on said iHome.


And I would never waste obscene amounts of time staring in the perfectly-lit mirror to get primped for my meetings. No, sir. I'm ALL business.


We're working with Hyatt and I will confess that I take full advantage of my Hyatt Gold Passport membership and cash in one of my welcome amenities whenever possible. Hellloooooo, dark chocolate and wine. A girl can't ever pass up free wine. I rarely ever stay at the designated conference hotel (I've been on enough of these trips to know that I do NOT get enough work done if I'm distracted by roommates and friends), so the nearest Hyatt is usually my go-to sanctuary. I love the special treatment I get there, and the reliable service.

business trip

Being the creative type, I need space to spread out and work. I love the in-room workspace that Hyatt provides for visitors like me to sprawl out with my camera and laptop and get some work done. And yes, there's cable so I can catch up important business and political news, the DOW, etc. Or I can watch the Justin Timberlake album release party. Whatever.

hotel bed

I actually spend a lot of time curled up in bed with my laptop. I always seem to work really well in bed and I love that the WiFi is reliable so that I can roam the room untethered to the wall. Seriously, business trip WiFi can be a panic-inducing topic for bloggers like myself who are so very dependent on internet access.

business trip breakfast

I was downright giddy to discover the Hyatt's natural, locally-sourced room service menu. I gorged on fresh avocados and cage-free eggs in a delicious breakfast burrito – and they got all my special order requests down perfectly! Attention to details like that make a big difference to me. I've honestly spent hours haggling back-and-forth with chefs about my dietary needs. I know I'm high-maintenance. But on business trips, I don't have time to be running around tracking down food, and it means a lot to me that hotel staff makes an effort to be accommodating.

fire truck

Speaking of hotel staff, I have to give them huge props for their management of a minor crisis that went down during my stay. The entire city of Santa Barbara experienced a power surge that caused minor electrical fires, outages and other related problems throughout the area. The power was temporarily out in some hotel rooms, but the staff worked quickly to get a memo out to all the rooms explaining the issue and offering free snacks and beverages in the lobby.

hotel flowers

I took the opportunity to wander the halls a little and get a feel for the place. This particular Hyatt was stunningly beautiful, with thoughtful details set out in every nook. I saw a couple banquet halls that I'm sure get a ton of use for weddings and events.

hotel pool

And check out this gorgeous pool with a fireside lounge and hot tub! I didn't even bring my swimsuit on the trip; A decision I was severely regretting after getting a glimpse of this.

business center

There's even a business center with free internet and printing for fellow business travelers like myself who may have forgotten to print out their itinerary. Not that I would ever do anything like that!


And they have Sharpies and highlighters on hand!! I felt just like I was at home, geeking out and scribbling neon around my agenda.

board room

There was even a big executive meeting room with big, fancy chairs in case I wanted to get all super-businessy and host a meeting. After learning so much at Craftcation, I really would be well-served to gather the driving forces behind it in one room at the Hyatt and pick their brains a little. I can't wait to share more with you about the conference itself – check back for that later this week!

Do you ever go on business trips? What's your favorite part?