cakey pops

You all know about my passion for cake pops. Cake on a stick! It doesn't get any better than that, right? Last week I had the opportunity to try some cake pops made by a professional. San Diego-based Maria Roldan, founder of Cakey Pops, views her treats as edible art. “The uniqueness of these treats is their design,” she says. “There are endless options and the opportunity to put a little ‘personality' and ‘attitude' into each one.” She makes each cake pop from scratch in classic flavors and inventive new twists like Meyer Lemon and Green Tea.

What inspired you to start Cakey Pops?
We did a lot of baking from scratch because our middle child had food allergies when she was a baby/toddler, but now has out grown them. Cakey Pops happened by accident…a broken Thomas the Train form cake for our newphew Max's 3rd birthday in September 2010! Waste not, right? My husband said, “I'm sure you're not the only one who has broken a cake. Take a look online to see what people did.” The search resulted in many listings: Cake balls, lollicakes, Cake Truffles, Cake Pops, Bakerella, Pop Bakery etc. We turned the broken cake into Cupcake Cakey Pops, brought them to the party and the in-laws loved them.

I started to make them more often for gifts, bake sales and parties. Then one day we had an “All Hands In” meeting at my day job and they said my QA Software Engineer position would END due to platform migration! So I figured that I could make Cakey Pops between interviews. People took me more seriously than I had expected and Cakey Pops took on a life of its own.

I'm sure you have some lucky taste-testers to try out new flavors! Who helps support you?
My husband, family, friends and previous/repeat clients are our taste-testers.

Your cake pops are so moist! The ones I make sometimes fall off the stick because they're too slippery. Care to share your secret, or does it just come with practice?
Yes, just practice, time and patience.

I love candy melts, fondant and frosting pens. What is your favorite ingredient or baking tool to work with?
All of the products out there are so fun. I love all of the sprinkles that are available.

What has been your biggest challenge going into business for yourself?
The biggest challenge is the cost and overhead. It takes time, care and patience to handcraft each Cakey Pop. It truly is edible art. Cakey Pops are not FAST food, which we're all used to getting quickly. Not all Cakey Pops make it to the client. Some Cakey Pops – as you have experienced – slip out, crack, melt, or don't come out as expected.

Any advice for others?
Love what you do so much that you're willing to do it for free for the first couple of years. Believe in creativity and give to others what you'd serve to your family and friends.

Maria's Cakey Pops range from $2-$6 per pop. You can find them online at, in San Diego at Good On Ya Deli Sky Park or Hotel Del Coronado's Spreckels Sweets & Treats Shop, and on Sundays at La Jolla Open Aire Market from 9-1pm.