I'm not huge on holiday shopping (or shopping for birthday presents, for that matter). I do my best to pick up thoughtful gifts year-round and save them for those special occasions. For all the wine lovers in my life, this usually means picking up California wine bottles at the various wineries I get to visit throughout the year. The last year or so has been a little slow in the wine department, however, since I've been pregnant/moving/preoccupied/not out having any winery fun.

california wine
I have ordered wine of the month subscriptions for friends in the past, but I really prefer a personalized touch. I'm a big fan of California wine because my home state makes some of the best dang wine in the world (in my humble, admittedly non-expert opinion), and it's fun to see how excited everyone gets about wine tasting when they come to visit. I love supporting mom and pop wineries. I'll never forget my first experience actually making wine with a local family! Picking the grapes with garden shears and pressing them by hand through an old-fashioned machine really gave me a unique insight and understanding about why people are so picky about their wine. There's so much heart that goes into the process. Blindly sending out a monthly subscription just hasn't given me the same joy as when I've been able to put a face and name behind the California wine gifts I've given. But this year I had no other choice for the wine connoisseurs on my list.

the california wine club

Making California Wine Convenient

I dug into how I could combine the best of both worlds: the convenience of a mail-order service with the hand-picked touch of a visit to a local California winery. Sure enough, I discovered www.cawineclub.com. The club is owned by a husband and wife team who travel California's wine country looking for smaller-name wines from family wineries. Over 75% of California's 3,000+ wineries are boutique operations whose wines are only distributed to local markets and private customer lists. The California Wine Club does exactly what I've been doing in my own small way, helping them get the word out by meeting those families one-on-one and hand-selecting the best wines to share through word of mouth. How cool is THAT?

So, California wine-loving friends on my gift list…you can be looking forward to a new sort of California wine adventure this holiday season. And I'll be looking forward to giving some of these handcrafted wines a try after this baby's born in less than two weeks!

This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. I received a 2 month Membership to the California Wine Club for the purpose of this review.