How to host a camping party

Many families view Labor Day as a chance to say goodbye to summer, but for us it's a chance to throw a big camping party to say HELLO to the camping season! The weather starts to cool in September, travelers have returned home and kids are back in class and aching for some weekend adventure.

Hebrew National on the campfire

We like to gather friends and family for a camping party because it is oh-so-simple during this busy time of year. Grab some hot dogs to feed the masses and pull out your camping gear for some on-the-fly decor. Rustic and rugged is the way to go!

How to throw a Camping Party

camping food

Put out lots of DIY snacks for your camping party. Anything that can be cooked over an open flame is ideal. I made these cute signs with some Elmer's paint pens and scrap wood.

fire pit with lantern for camping party

A campfire is the prime focal point. If you're not lucky enough to have a fire pit, now's a good time to nab a cheap, portable one at a discount!

log seating

I rolled up some of the larger logs from our burn pile to create some makeshift seating. If you're not lucky enough to have a stash of winter wood, keep an eye out for county workers clearing out old trees in your area. Many of them are more than willing to let you tote off big pieces. It's less for them to dispose of! Alternately, fold-out camping chairs will get the job done.

teepee for camping party

I was a little anxious about creating a teepee for our camping party, but it really was as easy as everyone makes it sound. Grab three or four long, trimmed sticks and tie them together towards the top with string. Wrap a large sheet around the outer edges. Tada! I set up my camping party in less than an hour using only supplies I had laying around the house.