I love Sears. They have everything. I mean, they’ve been around so long, Davy Crocket ordered his bread maker from the Sears catalog when he was at the Alamo. The best part is, they have every type of tool that I could never fit in my house and they have a lifetime warranty on their Craftsman hand tools. Going to Sears has always been a joy for me, ever since my dad built my first little wooden toolbox.

Sears Wheel Alignment

We also like having our vehicles checked out at the Sears Auto Center because they have good service and great prices, so I was excited when they asked me to check out their new tire alignment system that reduces the time to check a vehicle's alignment specifications to 90 seconds or less. Previously, an alignment check took an average of 20 minutes. They call it the “HawkEye Elite™ 3D wheel alignment.” Honestly, it sounds like the team led by Schwarzenegger set on saving the planet from the evil invading crab people. You can check it out and see if they have this service near you on the Sears Auto Center website.

So I brought my Hyundai Elantra in to get checked. The timing could not have been better because as you could read, we had just gotten back from a 2,500 mile trip to the great northwest. Yes sir, long hard road we hauled. I was especially interested in getting my Elantra checked as it is the first car Chelsea and I ever bought together and I am a stickler for quality. I wanted to use this as an opportunity to ensure that my car was still in tip-top shape and didn't get all out of whack after all those bumpy roads.


I drove my Elantra right up into the testing area and the technician told me where to stop. As quick as a flack, he placed the jigamaboos on my tires and activated the thingymajig. About a minute and a half later and a slight tire turn, the verdict was in. Well, I was happy to find that my Elantra, even though it had been pushed through a grueling road trip and coffee spill, my tires had remained…well, aligned.

When I was done the technician handed me the piece of paper with my results on it. I got to take my report card home. A+. Go me.

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