cars-themed party

We had a very special Cars-themed party the other day in honor of a very special visitor who came ALL the way from Florida to see us here in San Diego.

aunt inger from Florida holding Sidekick

That's right, Aunt Inger was here!

Some Boy likes Cars

We went for a Cars-themed party because Some Boy wanted to share his latest obsession with his great aunt. This kid has become completely obsessed with Cars lately. We own the first and second movies and his play area is chock full of little speedsters. Opa's always a very willing racetrack (I'd say his…uh…”speed bumps” add some extra challenges making this quite the extreme course. Heh.).

Our Cars-Themed Party Setup

Cars party favors

I headed on out to Walmart to pick up all the party supplies. It was such a lifesaver being able to get the cake, toys, decorations and snacks in one place since time with family was precious this weekend. I love these trick cars I got for guests to take home!

Cars activity book

Activity books from Hallmark's Disney Dream Party line offered cool games for everyone to play while they waited for the festivities to begin.

Luigi's Casa Della Tires

Our event was a casual brunch, so we got a wide variety of snacks. We had chocolate-glazed mini donuts that served nicely as Luigi's Casa Della Tires!

Mater's Taters: A bowl full of potato chips

No Cars-themed party would be complete without a bowl of Mater's Taters.

Grand Prix-nut butter and jelly sandwiches.png.png

And Grand Prix-nut butter and jelly sandwiches! I came up with that one all on my own, and cut out the various Cars character flags from some extra Hallmark activity books.

take-and-go party cups in a Cars theme from Hallmark

These inexpensive themed cups are another nice little souvenir for guests to take home, They're perfect for toddlers who haven't finished their drink or snack, and the lids make them totally travel-friendly.

Cars cake

Most important, no party is complete without a cake! As a trained cake decorator I often bake and frost my own cakes, but sometimes I just don't have the time to whip it up from scratch or even from a box…and then I have to get the frosting and come up with a decorating idea and clean it all up. This time, I ordered a Hallmark Disney Dream Cake from Walmart for less than $20! I had no idea that DecoPac bakery cakes could be so affordable. It was so cute with effects I could never create at home since I don't have a frosting sprayer to create that cool colored gradient (and I swear, it tasted just like homemade, complete with my favorite buttercream frosting). Come to think of it, this was the easiest and most affordable party I've ever thrown, all coming in at less than $75 (including food!).

Have you ever hosted a fun event like this? What other ideas would you include in a Cars-themed party of your own?